Poetry Night

Poetry Night: Steve Delia

Who: Steve Delia
When: Friday, May 17, 2019 at 7:30PM
Where: The Newtown Library Company, 114 E. Centre Ave. Newtown, PA
Bring a poem and a friend!


Steve Delia has been writing poetry for 41 years. He’s read at numerous coffee houses, libraries and bookstores. He read at Café Improv as one half of the Dueling Poets (the other half being Mike Cohen). He also read on WXPN, the only music station in Philadelphia that matters.
Steve won first prize in 2015 for his poem, “By the Hour,” at the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference, and in 2018, the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference gave him an honorable mention for his memoir, “Dream.” He wrote six chapbooks: Revisited, Revised And Retyped Volumes 1 and 2, Zoo Poetry, Haiku And Other Imaginings, 1622 Church Street, and his latest, The Alphabet Concerto.
Steve, and the aforementioned, Mike Cohen, have been conducting interviews with poets that can be viewed on YouTube. He lives in Philadelphia with thousands of CD’s, and a refrigerator full of scrapple and insulin. He also loves art, baseball, cheesecake, trains, Cecily Tynan and Nicole Kidman.
When he grows up, he wants to be a poet.