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Newtown Library Company membership should be renewed on 11/01 of each year.

More Information about our Library

STANDARD MEMBERSHIP   (new members pay $1.00 to become a shareholder)

Family $25

Individual $20

Senior (age 65+) $10 per person



(contributions beyond the standard membership fee may be tax deductible)

Many wonderful people have contributed to the Newtown Library Company in the last 255 years.  Some contributed time and effort to sustain the organization; others, directly or indirectly, increased the value of the library.

PENN – double your membership dues 

(William Penn, although he died in 1718, which was 32 years before we were founded, had a set of six dining room chairs, three of which found their way to the Newtown Library Company)

HICKS – $51 – $249

(Isaac Hicks helped the library by giving it land on Court Street in back of the White Hall to build the first library building.  His son, Edward Hicks, painted the library sign for the sum of $1.00. )

 BARNSLEY – $250 – $499

(In 1911, Joseph Barnsley gave us the land and built the current library building.  The Barnsley Reading Rooms honor his commitment to our library)

 CORNELL – $500 – $999 

(Luise Cornell was the first person to endow the library with a large bequest)

FITZGERALD – $1000 and up

(Dorothy Fitzgerald, was our official librarian for over 25 years.  At her passing, she also endowed the library with a portion of her estate.)

 New members pay  a one time fee of $1.00 to become a voting shareholder in the Newtown Library Company.  You may download our form here if this is a new membership or if changing enrollment information.

NEW  members                                                          RENEWING members   


Family Membership – $26.00                                                                            Family Membership – $25.00

Individual Membership – $21.00                                                                        Individual Membership – $20.00

Senior Membership – $11.00                                                                                Senior Membership – $10.00

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