The Newtown Library Company is a dynamic part of our community supported by our friends and neighbors.

We have a rich history and lots of charm, yet our greatest strength is the hard work and dedication of our volunteers.  If you would like to join this enthusiastic group, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page to discuss openings and to receive an application.

Volunteers may seek to work in the following areas:

Front Desk: Act as librarian for a 2 or 2.5 hour shift. Check books in and out for patrons.

Schedules are typically set up as one day per week, but evenings and Saturdays may be scheduled for 1 or 2 shifts per month. Shelving books, covering books, and reading the shelves are all activities that can be combined with the front desk, or done separately. We sometimes have a need for one or two volunteers to fill in when others are on leave.

The following committees meet once per month or quarterly depending upon library needs. Join the committee or work a certain number of events. 

Once you are a member of the volunteer community, please note that many of our special events will be organized using the “SignUpGenius” application.

Fundraising: Supply funds for building upkeep and collection expansion and keep down the cost of membership.

Marketing: Review current practices and look to best promote the library through varied media.

Media Management: Meet with the group to make decisions that impact our collection.

Membership: Promote the library in the community and beyond with the goal of expanding our membership rolls.

Programs: Organize and/or participate in our many fun events throughout the year.

Public Relations: Promote the library and our activities to an ever-widening audience.

Technology: Guide the library board and management through the advances and pitfalls of modern technology.

Volunteer: Review recruiting practices and manage the process of operating the library solely by volunteers.

Interested? Contact us using the form below to find out more.

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Volunteer Clearances

Effective immediately, we will be following the procedures developed by Newtown Library Company Board of Directors in compliance with new state laws and Council Rock School District requirements.

Far-reaching changes have been made to Act 153 of 2014, of the Pennsylvania state legislation, in relation to volunteers obtaining and renewing clearances.

These modifications to Act 153 of 2014 have amended provisions of the Child Protective Services Law, and those changes now impact volunteers who have “direct contact” with children.  Most adults working at the Newtown Library will now require clearances.

Please use and return the necessary paperwork, to Rick Marotto, Board Member in charge of volunteers.

1.   Who is required to obtain Clearances?

a.   All NLC front desk volunteers, the librarian, story hour staff and Board members are required to obtain clearances. The “Volunteer” is defined as an adult in an unpaid voluntary position … who has direct contact with children. Direct contact shall mean … routine interaction with children.

2.   Which are the required Clearances: Volunteers can request these reports at no cost.

a.   A report of criminal history from the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP). https://epatch.state.pa.us/Home.jsp

b.   Child Abuse History Clearance from the Department of Human Services. https://www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis/public/home

c.   Pennsylvania residents submit a notarized affidavit supplied by NLC or at https://goo.gl/F3W7W2.

d.   Any individual who has resided outside of PA in the last 10 yrs. must complete a fingerprint-based federal criminal history report. https://www.pa.cogentid.com/index_pde.htm

3.  Timeline:

a.   All new volunteers must obtain clearances before working at the library.

b.   All clearances must be renewed every 60 months.

4. Clearance Protocols:

a.   The Newtown Library Board of Directors will maintain a secure database of volunteers’ clearance data. Volunteers are to obtain their clearances and then submit those clearances to Karen Waitkus.

b.   New volunteers may not begin providing service to the library until the clearances are satisfactorily completed (does not include training).

c.   For more information contact the librarian, Karolyn Fisher.